Curious dating headlines

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Curious dating headlines

The Local Germany's editor Jörg Luyken was born and brought up in the UK.But his immigrant father decided to lumber him with an über-German name.They now question whether you are foreign at all, or whether you just have some really strange dialect.Too polite to ask, they grapple around for any other followup question besides "where do you come from?I have to say my name at least three times on average before people can say it right (or give up asking).You can’t say it right But people who live in glass houses really shouldn't throw stones.

At a friend's birthday party, I started chatting to someone at the bar - and when he told me his name I had to double take. Overwhelmed at meeting a man who seemed like a long lost twin, I immediately bought him a drink.

You give up on spelling it correctly When I was a little whipper snapper in the pre-digital age, I conscientiously added the little dots above the 'o' when I signed my home work.

But then along came computers and suddenly I needed to work out where on earth I found the dots.

But the reflex reaction this has trained me into can be a disadvantage in Germany.

Every time someone yells "Jörg" on the street now I turn my head out of habit before remembering where I am.

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