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He laid the foundation stone in 1793 and attended the first service in 1795, The Vicar of Hove asked John Loughborough Pearson to build a church near Hove railway station in response to rapid residential development in the late 19th century. The knapped flint and red-brick Early English style church is topped by a tall, narrow flèche.Originally a Norman church, it remained almost untouched in a high, isolated position on the South Downs above Hove until restoration in the 1870s.Hundreds of buildings and structures in the city were assessed against criteria which covered their "local historic, architectural, design and townscape value", and those meeting the criteria were designated as locally listed buildings (subject to final approval by the council's Economic Development and Culture Committee later in 2015).This supplemented the nearby St Stephen's Church following the rapid development of the Montpelier and Clifton Hill areas west of Brighton railway station in the early 19th century.West Blatchington, a village on the South Downs east of Hangleton, was absorbed into the erstwhile Borough of Hove in 1928.Its medieval parish church fell into disrepair by the 17th century but was restored in the 1890s and extended in the 1960s by John Leopold Denman following substantial population growth in the area.The history of the area now covered by Brighton and Hove spans nearly 1000 years, although the city has only existed in its present form since 2000.The small settlement of Bristelmestune, mentioned in the Domesday Book, developed into a locally important fishing village, and was saved from its 18th-century decline by the patronage of the Prince Regent and British high society.

Some of these proportions are significantly different from those of England as a whole.

Only one other church in England is dedicated to St Wulfran, a French archbishop.

A church was known to exist at the time of the Domesday Book, and the nave and parts of the chancel of the present building date from the 12th century. Brighton's second Anglican church was built to encourage the Prince Regent to attend church more often when he was staying in the town.

Apart from the ancient parish churches of Brighton (St Nicholas') and Hove (St Andrew's), and those of the nearby villages that are now part of the city, few places of worship existed until the 19th century.

Reverend Henry Michell Wagner (Vicar of Brighton between 18) and his son Reverend Arthur Wagner founded and funded a succession of Anglican churches for the benefit of Brighton's rapidly growing population, while enduring controversy and conflict over their political and religious ideals; As of the 2001 United Kingdom Census, 247,817 people lived in Brighton and Hove.

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