Dating msn home myhome dj fuji review

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Dating msn home myhome

Do you have any other Anti-spy/ad blocking programs installed?I am also having this problem with MSN hijacking my homepage.This lead me to believe that I had corrupted files or a bad installation.I backed everything up and was prepared to do a complete reinstallation.f=50 After reading this thread for some general advice: What caught my eye about this thread was the fact that Cindi D was having the exact same problem as I was.I noticed that the members were able to solve her problem pretty quickly and relatively painfree (unlike following the lengthy suggestions on the links that you provided). Now, when I go to Tools/Options to change my home page - it's greyed out and keeps defaulting to MSN.I did have Symantec on my computer for anti virus but it was causing some Outlook problems so I've completely removed it. Reinstalling Spybot and AVG (free) - is there anything else I should do on my computer to protect it....?

These kind of features are more related to Anti-Spyware software.i found a registry entry that seems to do the trick. you will need to rename the extension from Unlock Home to Unlock Home the icon will change to a little building blocks icon - a registry entry.when you double click on it, it will ask you are you sure you want to add the information to the registery?I had Spybot on my computer (as of 20 minutes ago) but completely removed it in case it was the problem. I'm not a techie and am not sure what to do - so frustrated. This is a brand new computer and can't believe all the problems I've been having. I'm not sure why my IE home page's a brand new computer and have minimal applications on it.I want to do whatever I can to ensure my computer is protected.

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again - thank you so much - greatly, greatly appreciated for your post! Spyware Blaster can help keep your system spyware-free and secure, without interfering with the "good side" of the web.

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