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Fundador, con dos socios, de Keytoon Animation Studio, trabaja como Director Creativo con clientes como Curious Pictures, Disney Channel, Mattel, Paramount Pictures...

As Creative Director, he had clients such as Curios Pictures, Disney Channel, Mattel or Paramount Pictures.We’ve actually featured Maestro and the students of Primerframe before, for a really excellent 3D short called At the time I was pretty amazed that such a polished piece could come from an outfit I’d never heard of, but reading up on Primerframe it seems that they have a class-lead approach to their short production, with Maestro, a seasoned industry veteran, handling the directing and the entire class teaming up for finished product.Snooze buttons, sunlight..inescapable cacophony of alarm alerts: waking up in the morning is a battle between the present and the future state of mind. See full summary » All alone in her room, a solitary elderly widow lying on her deathbed yearns to reunite with her beloved late husband, nevertheless, the road to the afterlife can be long, while on the other hand, today's modern medicine works miracles. Recuerda que cuando contamos historias, el imperfecto es el tiempo de la descripción.La historia se detiene y se dan detalles espaciales o de lo que piensan los personajes o se describe una acción repetida; es como ver una fotografía, el mismo fotograma repetido o como poner en pausa la película.

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