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"When you do those sort of man-on-the-street interviews, the amount of revulsion and horror that people are expressing at the idea that women might have body hair that other people don't want to look at it, you never hear [the same] about men," she said.A sea lion whose brazen behaviour startled tourists on a Metro Vancouver dock has beaten out Eminem and Prince Harry as Canada's trending You Tube star of the year.It's been more than 20 years since Gwen Jacob walked topless down a street in Guelph, Ont., and was charged with committing an indecent act.That sparked a court battle that ultimately vindicated her, and the courts ruled it was legal for women to go topless in Ontario.Just because it's legal to go without tops, however, doesn't mean it's culturally any easier for women to do it now than it was for Jacob in 1991."We have a pervasive culture of women being harassed on streets all the time," said Aimee Morrison, associate English professor at the University of Waterloo and frequent commenter on women's issues.The Mini/Pee Wee Preds, Junior Preds and Youth League are now accepting registrations for the winter of 2018.These 3 programs are extremely popular and fill up quickly, so register early to secure your spot in one of these programs.

The girl had left her grandparents' house at around a.m.

Morrison says many women still fear being harassed, so opt to remain covered.

"We very much have a culture of policing what girls and women can and cannot do with their bodies in public spaces, in order to be deemed blameless or appropriately feminine," she said.

The three sisters plan to hold a rally in Waterloo on Saturday to support the desexualization of women's bodies "with people wearing as much or as little on their torsos" as they might be comfortable with, Tameera Mohamed told CBC.

An informal poll of women in downtown Kitchener revealed what you might expect — women are not keen to embrace toplessness.

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"In rape culture, there's this pervasive idea that women are available always for male attention, and if that male attention becomes really undesirable, that somehow the woman has provoked it," said Morrison.