Jeanine and jason dating

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Jeanine and jason dating

Soon after the job started it was discovered my tile floor was not only 100% glued down but also nailed.It proved to be a much more difficult job than originally thought.The process proved to be more challenging than anticipated as the tiles were installed 35 years ago on particleboard that had been attached to the underlying plywood with screws and nails.Besides taking precautions to protect the furniture and seal off other areas of the house from the open area, the clean up at the end of each day was thoroughly done to ensure safety.Blair and Bob (owners) made sure the job was completed on time and on budget. ~ Justine and Rob, Calgary Floor Tile Removed Enviro, removed my kitchen tile and had to grind off all the thinset. Punctual to start, used poly on everything to keep clean, removed and repaired everything I needed, took garbage and then dusted and swept.

It was so refreshing to have a company so up on time and work meticulously and diligently to get the job done. I highly recommend them for any hard to do floor project.~ Al, Calgary The job this company did for me was fantastic!

Having this quality of work done alleviated so much stress during our renovation.

~ Chantal, Calgary Floor Tile Removal In August, 2015 Enviro Floor Removal took out approximately 500 sqft of floor tile and removed an acrylic shower insert.

I also received excellent advise on an environmentally safe product when I asked how to remove a plant stain on my marble fireplace I would highly recommend Enviro Surface Removers for any tile removing project..~Elsie B., Calgary We hired ENVIRO SURFACE REMOVERS INC ., to take care of the removal of approximately 650 sq.

feet of heavy Mexican red clay tile and thinset, lino and subfloor.

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They arrived with state of the art equipment but also rolls of plastic to tape everything off to minimize the dust.

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