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Nursing had the same soothing effect on my baby, no matter how hungry, agitated, red-faced and cranky she was at the start. I'm grateful that back then I did not sit down at my computer and type lactating and dating into Google. Because recently, while writing this essay, I turned to my computer to do some research, in hopes of finding a thoughtful example of what it means to balance these two acts.

This was a time when I believed that love would overcome anything. The very first thing I did, even before crying, was to sit down on the living room rug and nurse my daughter, M. It was the place where my milk could turn my anger into white, warm calmness. lay on my chest, her tiny hands kneading my breasts, milk flowing from me, I knew that I could do this alone. But it wasn't long after her father split town -- as M.'s first birthday approached without a sign from him, I knew he wasn't coming back -- that friends started to ask me, "When are you going to get back out there? Still, noticing men in the hallway was not the same as dating them.

Rachel Sarah’s book "Single Mom Seeking: Playdates, Blind Dates and Other Dispatches from the Dating World" was published in 2007.

That was how Abbey landed the job of executive assistant at the last minute, despite her relative inexperience at the highest levels of the corporate world. The rest of the floor was busy with the pending acquisition.

Abbey was nervous meeting the boss for the first time after having been hired by the HR department the week prior. Meyers was scary or anything; she was young by CEO standards, petite and vibrant. Meyers's office and all Abbey could do was stare at the woman's shoulder length blonde hair. Abbey noticed that it almost shimmered in the sunlight that entered the room. And they think you're up for the job." Abbey beamed a smile to show confidence. After arranging her boss's schedule, it was time for lunch. " "I'm only telling you this because you seem like a nice, trustworthy person.

Maybe I was rebelling against my Catholic mother, but I certainly was not a prude.

I decided that I'd keep the date short and sweet -- and I'd nurse before leaving so (I hoped) I wouldn't leak.

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Rachel is the single-mom columnist for Lifetime, and she has written for Family Circle, Pregnancy, Parenting, Literary Mama, Baby and American Baby.

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