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Part of what contributes to this, in my opinion, is the lack of an appreciation for personal autonomy in non-Western cultures.

Child and parent are much more often considered a whole, which can lead to Little Princes and Little Princesses.

But even in Western cultures, you sometimes find this pattern.

Italian boys, for instance, are often smothered by their mothers.

I always said his mother treated him as a companion substitute for her husband who spent long hours working. I presume that he will never change, he hasn't yet!

i am married for 10 years not till recent i couldn't understand why my husband changed.

i was faithful so i had to hire an professional hacker, who helped me to get access into his email and Facebook, i found series of cheating messages and pictures.. if you need help, getting access into you spouse phone, social media site, lost account or bank details, contact [email protected](link sends e-mail)..

It will help make their children better people in the long run. Sounds like you were on the receiving end of a boys relationship. There is probably a reason DSM doesn't categorize this. Seems to me the only bitterness here is on your side. But it's been a long haul and he needs to be on his own. Sure, he is your son but it's still not okay for him to use you for comfort and convenience, and what not. He didn't do that and he also didn't pay me so now here we are I making a move out and he has no money.

I think you are making the right decision by deciding to firmly tell him that NOW it's time to move out. But it's been a long haul and he needs to be on his own.

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