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That makes 5 months in a row of record temperatures so far this year, putting 2015 on track to be the warmest year since 1880.Experts point to the dual influence of a stronger than usual El Nio weather pattern, plus the ongoing issues related to global warming. and it has GREAT access because it's actually owned by the National Football League.

He was actually there last week filming, and the episodes will air next month.But SURELY, a carved-in-stone policy that the background be free of genitals is in EVERYONE's best interest. To commemorate this, we're going to take a look at just a few of his bestsellers in THIS edition of the Naked Weather Forecast. It's a gripping bit of historical fiction following a ruthless privateer in seventeenth century Jamaica.It's crazy to think that, after all these years on the air, THAT isn't rule one for camera folks, but apparently. So for their disturbing combination of invasion of privacy and sheer sloppiness, the NFL Network is being flagged as our BOOB of the WEEK. But first, let's check out a little Brainstorm Trivia! It's a compelling adventure, praised for its gritty reality - and reports say Steven Spielberg is developing it for the big screen.The two were never pals off-screen, but on it, their chemistry was unmistakable.The guys say they have something special planned for the finale, and if we've learned anything from watching them over the years, it'll probably involve a big bang! PBS has announced when Americans will be seeing the final season of Downton Abbey.

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