Ps3 and updating its flashplayer

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Ps3 and updating its flashplayer

This offers improved memory usage and more efficient code, so you may notice it running slightly faster than before.

The visual appearance has also been changed very slightly.

In both files, change every occurrence of the word ‘jessie’ to ‘stretch’.

(Both files will require sudo to edit.) Then open a terminal window and execute Answer ‘yes’ to any prompts.

If a Sense HAT is connected, the extension will control that in preference to the emulator.

A couple of months ago, a vulnerability was discovered in the firmware of the BCM43xx wireless chipset which is used on Pi 3 and Pi Zero W; this potentially allows an attacker to take over the chip and execute code on it.

This works with either a physical Sense HAT or with the Sense HAT emulator.See the Sonic Pi release notes for more details of exactly what has changed.The Chromium web browser has been updated to version 60, the most recent stable release.In Jessie, we used Pulse Audio to provide support for audio over Bluetooth, but integrating this with the ALSA architecture used for other audio sources was clumsy.For Stretch, we are using the bluez-alsa package to make Bluetooth audio work with ALSA itself.

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Update Star Free and Update Star Premium come with the same installer.

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