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Sheepshaver updating apple hard disk drives

Specifically, it doesn’t show the Mac OS 9 “Applications (Mac OS 9)” or the “System Folder” folders, which is quite bizarre. If you have an OS 9 Desktop Folder on your Intel Mac’s drive, Sheep Shaver will pick up on it while mounting the Unix drive and show whatever is in there on your Mac OS 9 desktop as generic icons.Nothing I’ve done up to this point makes either folder (even renamed! This puzzled me for a bit, before I remembered that on Mac OS, every mounted drive had its own Desktop Folder and everything in those folders from all mounted drives showed up on the desktop. Looks pretty stable, though as noted before, it’s not the swiftest.The preferences file can be nested in a ".sheepvm" bundle (folder with extension) and passed as an argument to the Sheep Shaver binary if it was compiled in or after 2012.The preferences file is a text file editable with any text editor.That’s as far as Sheep Shaver supported, so I shutdown OS 9 and started customizing the settings. The OS X hard drive shows up on the Mac OS 9 desktop as a drive called “Unix”.Here’s the settings I’m using with Sheep Shaver: For Ethernet, using slirp will let you share OS X’s network connection. This isn’t like Classic, where OS 9 and OS X applications co-existed on the screen. You can copy things from the Unix drive into the Mac OS 9 environment and vice-versa. There’s some weirdness with the Unix drive, where it won’t show some folders.The format of the "floppy drive description" is the same as that of "disk" lines.Usage: This item describes one CD-ROM drive to be used by Sheep Shaver.

Sheep Shaver can handle hardfiles (byte-per-byte images of HFS volumes in a file on the host system), HFS partitions on hard disks etc., and Mac OS-partitioned disks (it can only access the first partition, though).There can be multiple "cdrom" lines in the preferences file.If no "cdrom" line is given, Sheep Shaver will try to automatically detect and use installed CD-ROM drives.Sheep Shaver can also handle some types of Mac "disk image" files directly, as long as they are uncompressed and unencoded.To specify an HFS partition, simply specify its path, i.e. If you want to access a Mac OS-partitioned hard disk or removable volume (Jaz, Zip etc.) and your operating system doesn't understand Mac OS partition tables, you can specify the block device name (e.g.

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There can be multiple "floppy" lines in the preferences file.

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