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Singlespeed munich

But with the hundreds of trips carrying tools and materials required for a project like this, I didn’t have the right vehicle.

On foot, although I try my best I am simply not badass enough to drag a table saw miter saw along with a stack of 2x4s for much distance down the street.

So with your entertainment in mind, I acquired this extremely large and badass bike trailer from a small Iowa builder called : These things are highly configurable due to the modular design.

Lengths range from 32 to 96 inches, width is 19 or 27 inches, back wheel can be mounted in various spots to accommodate an overhanging load up to about 15 feet (such as a canoe), and you can even get a Duallie version with two wheels on each side that will roll 600 pounds.

Luckily, with the power of , I can create a new hitch for the big trailer that installs quickly. A Clever Upgrade The obvious drawback of a huge cargo trailer is the huge amount of human energy required to pull it any significant distance.

This isn’t much of an issue for me, since my building supply stores and the recycling yard are all within 3 miles of my house, and the elevation gain from the lowest point in town to my house is only 100 feet.

The idea was to test both the trailer and myself over the duration of my fall/winter/spring construction season and see how well we perform together (measured by just how much duty we take away from the big Honda).

And I can now say that the results are very positive.

The other thing that really needs re-engineering is the Bikes at Work hitch connection system.This is a luxury construction rocket, a leather-appointed 220 horsepower Rolling Cavern.It is well-suited to carrying thousands of pounds of goods or people on multi-state voyages at 75MPH, but I would be a wasteful if I used it to haul a tool belt and a compressor up and down the small hill in old-town Longmont*.At 0, my 96A trailer cost me more than twice as much as my bike.Financially speaking, I’d need to displace at least 1500 miles of van driving before this trailer pays for itself, and this will take me about 5 years given the current rate of use.

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