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The joints came out around PM and they quickly sank into a pile in front of the couch as they passed the joint back and forth laughing about absolutely nothing.

The weed was definitely the strongest strain they had tried and their eyes quickly glazed over as they channel surfed and came up empty.

When they had time, they both did well with the ladies.

Both we're around six feet and were generally successful as far as the dating world was concerned.

The TV was in front of the bed across the room on the wall, and both boys sat up against the bottom of the bed, which was low to the ground.

The carpet was a thicker, newer carpet and they spent most of their nights either talking or playing video games from this very spot.

"Dude, let's watch some porn, I'm fuckin' horny." Jason said, as he turned the TV over to the internet function.

Jason was surprised at the "or do" part of that sentence but shrugged it off.

Jason scrolled through some porn movies and randomly picked a movie featuring two guys fucking a girl.

Jacob cocked an eyebrow at his friend as he did this but quickly let it go (he too loved the MFM category on Pornhub).

These best friends had known each other for a long time and there was nothing that was off limits as far as the teasing could go.

Halfway through the night they had attempted to meet up with some girls but unfortunately those flirtations had all come up empty.

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