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After entering via enormous modern doors, visitors immediately confront a high, paneled ceiling, which rests on Moorish-styled arches held up by four rows of white octagonal columns. Unlike at the nearby El Tránsito synagogue or the synagogue in Córdoba — the only two other former Jewish houses of prayer in Spain dating to the Middle Ages — these walls aren’t adorned with Hebrew inscriptions.Not only are Jewish symbols absent, but a cross appears above the central niche.The same decree that created the provincial division grouped the provinces into "historic regions".However, these were merely honorary and classificatory: there was no level of administration between the central government and the provinces.If that doesn’t sound like the name of a typical Jewish house of prayer, that’s because it’s a church.An inscription on a brick wall as visitors enter into a courtyard notes, “Antigua Sinagoga del Siglo XII,” following some datings of the building to 1180.While Jorge de Burgos' design of provincial Spain suppressed enclaves, it did keep the ones located in Basque territories—Trucios in Biscay, and Treviño in Álava.According to the new arrangement, the Basque enclaves were to be attached to the closer Spanish province of Common Fiscal Regime.

The new design thus notably paved the way to the outbreak of the First Carlist War.The provincial division restored the traditional names of the Basque provinces and Navarre, which had been renamed in the 1822 territorial division of Spain, but few concessions were made to historic enclaves and exclaves.The most important of these that were retained were the Rincón de Ademuz (part of Valencia, but located between Teruel and Cuenca) and the Treviño enclave (part of Burgos, but surrounded by Álava); another notable exclave is Llívia (part of Gerona, but one must pass 3 kilometres (1.9 mi) through France to reach it).Dominican friar Vincent Ferrer, who was later canonized, arrived in the city in the early 15th century and saw Jewish “obstination, disbelief, and treachery.” He took armed men into the Jewish quarter and turned them out of their synagogue.Thus Santa María la Blanca was born in 1411, less than a century before Spain expelled all of the Jews in 1492.

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